Van Training

Please review the steps below BEFORE beginning.

Step 1: View the video "Coaching the Van Driver II"

Note: You must have some type of media player on your computer to play the video.
It is recommended that you download the video to your computer and then watch it.

Step 2: Review the practice test, checking your knowledge of the video.

Step 3: Click HERE to go online to take the final test at the online testing center.

When prompted, enter the following:

Username: guideone

password: go2vandriver

Step 4: Register and complete the 20 question test.

Hint: It is the same as the practice test.

Step 5: When the test is completed, a certificate of completion is generated. Save and print that certificate as proof of your completion of the test.

Note: Print the certificate out in landscape format.

Step 6: Take or send a copy of the certificate of completion and a copy of the front side of your driver's license to Tammy Forrest at the JUMC office.