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Summer Camp

posted Aug 24, 2014, 1:37 PM by Jim Black   [ updated Sep 12, 2014, 10:40 AM ]
June 29 - July 5th
Cherokee Scout Camp
21 Boy Scouts attended

This year at summer camp we had lots of fun like we always do.  Because we didn’t have access to the church van, we drove up in the adult leader’s cars.
Everything was the same each day as far as classes and meals go from the second day through the sixth day.  The first and last day we are either setting up camp or breaking down camp. 

On Monday eve, I did the climbing tower with Austin, and then went to stargazing for Astronomy, to finish up requirements from last year, which I did not finish.  A.J. came along, because he was in this year’s Astronomy class. It turned out to be a very cloudy night so we didn’t get anything done that night.  We had to go back again on Wednesday night for another round of star gazing to finish up our Astronomy requirements.

Tuesday, I believe), the blob was open for twilight, A lot of our scouts did the blob, which I think they thoroughly enjoyed.

On Thursday evening, we had Family Night.  We are joined by our family’s for a group meal and all attend the campfire and “Tap Out” Ceremony, for Order of the Arrow.  At the campfire, we are entertained, with awesome skits and plays, as well as some funny events.  
Friday evening, it was Frontier Night!  This was probably the best night, because, on frontier night, you can do rifle shooting, muzzle loading, shotguns, and a variety of other fun things, like water balloons, and general awesomeness! Afterward, we had a troop meeting with troop awards being awarded.  

Saturday, we pack everything up and go home.  Summer Camp is always a good time and we learn a lot.  I recommend that all scouts do Summer Camp!  

Troop Webmaster
Ethan Miracle

Slide Show - Summer Camp 2014