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End of Year Wrap-up

posted Aug 24, 2014, 1:22 PM by Jim Black
June 29th

This scout year, we did a lot of cool things. We started off the year with a awesome caving trip to Tennessee and beach trip to South Carolina and finished up with a great hiking trip in the North Carolina Mountains, among other fun activities. We had lots of fun, learned a lot and I think we seemed to be more coordinated and better organized so we were able to do more.

We wrapped up our Scout Year on June 9 - we had an excellent ice cream party to celebrate (along with a super torrential downpour that drenched many of us)!

Today, we are heading off to summer camp at Camp Cherokee. We are going to have a fun time doing merit badges, and the blob, and so many other things.

Report back soon!

Troop Webmaster
Ethan Miracle